Who are They Kidding? Consumers are Smarter than That!

Even after admitting blackouts hurt consumers, broadcasters threaten another one this weekend

Washington D.C. July 22, 2012 – Broadcasters must believe consumers are easy prey for double talk.  Within weeks of an industry leader’s acknowledgement that blackouts harm consumers, Meredith Corporation has threatened another one in multiple markets this weekend. If their demand for a 200 percent increase in fees for programming they make available for free over-the-air and on the Internet isn’t met, they’ll take the stations down.  They think they can say one thing and do another and no one will notice.  Well, they’ve got it wrong.

At first it was surprising that broadcasters thought they could get away with it.  After 69 blackouts this year alone and more threatened, it’s now completely offensive.

Media Contact: Shivonne Foster, 202-973-2930


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