Tremendous Advances in the Video Marketplace While Retrans Rules Stay Mired in the Past

The market has changed dramatically since 1992, but the rules governing broadcast television have stayed the same

  • From the digital transition to the Internet revolution, there has been tremendous innovation in how consumers view traditionally “free” over-the-air broadcast programming, while rules governing the industry have stayed the same for 20 years.
  • The explosion of new video services and technology has also transformed the market landscape. Two decades ago most consumers had only one choice for pay TV service – cable, but today consumers have many choices, including two national satellite operators, telco video providers, and a proliferation of online video distribution services.
  • Broadcasters are increasingly making shows available online for free while taking advantage of outdated government rules to demand hefty retransmission fees from distributors for the same programming.
  • The world has changed while the rules have not. Congress and the FCC must modernize the broadcast television rules to protect consumers and keep up with the amazing amount of innovations.


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