ATVA Statement: Washington, D.C. March 5, 2011 – Before the ink has dried on the Federal Communications Commission’s new proposed rules on retransmission consent, a broadcaster has proven yet again why reform is essential to protect viewers.  LIN Media pulled the plug on 27 stations in 17 markets on DISH Network, dragging viewers into yet another retransmission consent negotiation.  This comes less than 48 hours after the FCC approved initiation of a rulemaking “to protect consumers from the disruptive impact” of broadcaster blackouts.   These bullying tactics will continue until the FCC reforms outdated rules and balances the scales that today give broadcasters numerous advantages.

Markets affected by LIN Media blackout:  Albuquerque, N.M.; Austin, Texas; Buffalo, N.Y.; Columbus, Ohio; Dayton, Ohio; Fort Wayne, Ind.; Grand Rapid, Mich.; Green Bay, Wis.; Indianapolis; Lafayette, Ind.; Mobile, Ala.; New Haven, Conn.; Norfolk, Va.; Providence, R.I.; Springfield, Mass.; Terre Haute, Ind.; and Toledo, Ohio.  Stations include CBS, FOX, NBC, CW and MyNetwork affiliates.

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  1. Sally Newell

    I read an article in my local paper which included your organization. I am a DISH subscriber and we are in the LIN Media group for our CBS shows. We are very upset that these two companies are not agreeing and we are in the middle of them. I have contacted both DISH and LIN Media complaining. We unfortunately are paying to watch tv and cannot watch what we want to see. I can’t even get a refund from the lack of programming from DISH. This stinks! I hope that your organization can do some good for the small consumers. We are being taken advantage of (Hey just like the gas pricing!!!) The FCC does need to intervene in this dispute on behalf of the consumer. Thank you, Sally Newell