The Future is Now: No Need to Wait for Targeted Communications Reforms

Washington D.C. December 3, 2013 –Following the announcement today from Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) and Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) that they intend to begin a process of updating the Communications Act, the American Television Alliance issued the following statement:

We applaud Chairman Upton and Rep. Walden for leading the important discussion on a comprehensive re-write of the Communications Act. Far too many of our telecom and video rules and regulations  are woefully out-of-date. However, updating it will be a multi-year process involving many Congressional committees, while consumers are being forced to endure a record number of television blackouts, including another one just today.  Fortunately, there is true bipartisan support and momentum for reforming retransmission consent immediately. Members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee have called for retrans reform within STELA and we urge Chairman Upton, Rep. Walden, and the rest of Congress to continue down that path.

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