Scrooged Across America- Hearst Threatening Retrans Blackouts In Several Markets

Washington D.C.  December 5, 2011 – Hearst Television is already ruining the holiday spirit, threatening to black out stations across the nation to gain leverage in retransmission consent negotiations.   The broadcaster posted online warnings to viewers in at least eight markets late last week, threatening takedowns on multiple cable systems.   Congress and the FCC need to reform outdated rules that give broadcasters the right to hold viewers hostage during business disputes.

Hearst Stations Threatening Blackouts:  KCRA/KQCA (Sacramento), KCCI (Des Moines), WYFF (Greenville), KOCO (Oklahoma City), WGLA (Lancaster, PA), WMUR (Manchester, NH), KLWE/KMBC (Kansas City), KOAT (Albuquerque)

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