Repeat Offender’s Fifth Blackout Since 2007

Washington D.C.  August 31, 2011 – Fresh on the heels of Hurricane Irene, LIN Media has carried out its threat to blackout viewers in areas prone to hurricanes and tornados.   This marks the fifth time since 2007 that LIN has exploited its government-mandated privileges on retransmission consent and pulled the plug on viewers.  This broadcaster bullying is not going to stop until Congress or the FCC level the playing field by changing outdated rules.

Markets affected by the LIN Media blackout on Mediacom:  Mobile-Pensacola; Grand Rapids – Kalamazoo – Battle Creek; Green Bay-Appleton;  Ft. Wayne;  Lafayette;  Terra Haute.  Stations include ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and CW affiliates.

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  1. Judith Dahlhoff

    I am from Mobile Alabama and fox 10 has been blocked out from lin and i have mediacom cable ….I pay them $140.00 a month and don’t think this is fair of them to stop showing some of the channels i pay for.

  2. Lee Ann Snyder

    I am so sick of this. How can a station just stop letting a company so their channel. We watch almost all CBS. I am outraged that we can’t watch them. We don’t have an antenna so we are out of luck. We also rely on channel 19 on mediacom for radar. Do something about it. Tired of this in Angola, IN

  3. a. scott

    We need to be able to receive FOX network and the other local channels on cable !!!We chose cable because of the clear channels…It is not correct of the Big Guys to keep pulling our channels anytime they feel like it!!! Come on…it is football season!!! FIX THIS!!!!

    1. a. scott

      We need to be able to receive Fox network and all other local channels in our area.Cable is our choice because of clear channels…we need our football…Please do not punish us and fix this situation!

  4. Melanie Bibby

    I am affected by the LIN TV blackout. This has been going on 2 weeks as of today.
    I am very angry & frustraed with this mess. I am also put out with Mediacom Cable.
    To my surprise on Sunday, I change over to the station Wala that is blacked out & find NFL football on. I thought that they had reached an agreement finally.
    Later on that evening I changed back over & the story about the history of cable was back. I contacted mediacom cable today & asked if they are close to an agreement, no response, they I asked them why I had football on, their respone was that they had such an overwelming request that they put the football on.
    That is not fair to agree to just football & not other programming.
    I am sick of mediacom cable & LIN TV.

  5. Donna Bosarge

    So far my life has not been seriously changed by unscrupulous broadcasters, just annoyed. However, I am seriously upset that suddenly I can’t get shows I’ve watched for years on cable or antenna. I find it really weird that I can get every station clear as a bell except Fox on my “super antenna”.
    So I can imagine a worse case scenario, since we live in hurricane and tornado alley. It seems that there is no appreciation for all the years the public has supported these broadcasters. I guess I’ll just watch Fringe and Terra Nova on Fox or Hulu next week.