LIN Media Finally Ends Retrans Blackout

Held Viewers Hostage for Six Weeks

Washington D.C.  October 15, 2011 – While we are pleased that LIN Media reached an agreement with Mediacom, the fact remains that LIN exploited outdated retransmission rules to pull the plug on viewers for six weeks.  LIN even put profits above their public interest obligation when they continued to black out viewers during a dangerous tropical storm in the Gulf Coast.   Until Congress and the FCC reform retransmission consent rules, broadcasters will continue to drag consumers into business negotiations.

Markets affected by the LIN Media blackout on Mediacom:  Mobile-Pensacola; Grand Rapids – Kalamazoo – Battle Creek; Green Bay-Appleton;  Ft. Wayne;  Lafayette;  Norfolk; Terra Haute.  Stations include ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and CW affiliates.

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