Hearst Television Knocks Out Local TV From Coast to Coast

Millions of viewers fall victim to yet another Hearst blackout in nearly a dozen television markets

Washington D.C. July 10, 2012 – Fresh off the heels of another broadcaster’s July 4th Week blackout, viewers from coast to coast are now seeing static on local television stations as Hearst Television continues its same old viewer abuse. Are broadcasters aiming to hit every market in the country before they put an end to these anti-consumer tactics?

It’s an all too commonly seen stunt pulled by broadcasters like Hearst; in spite of their own CEO’s recent congressional testimony (just two weeks ago!) where he acknowledged that blackouts are unfair to consumers.

Even with an FCC rulemaking underway, Hearst and other broadcasters continue to pull the plug on viewers unless pay TV providers agree to significantly higher retransmission consent payments. When will broadcasters quit making consumers pay the price?

Until Congress and the FCC reform retransmission consent rules, consumers are at the mercy of broadcasters regardless of what their industry leaders say.

Markets affected by the Hearst Broadcasting blackout on Time Warner Cable: Hawaii; Boston, MA; Portland, ME; Hartford, VT; Plattsburgh, NY; Winston-Salem, NC; Kansas City, MO; Lincoln, NE; Louisville, KY; Cincinnati, OH and Pittsburgh, PA. Stations include ABC, NBC, CBS and CW affiliates.

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