FCC Needs to Protect Viewers from CBS’ Self-Declared “War”

Network Hijacking the Internet for Millions of Americans

 Washington, D.C. August 5, 2013 — The American Television Alliance is calling on the Federal Communications Commission to act immediately to protect the millions of Americans who have been subjected to CBS’ shameful blacking out of its Internet content. CBS’ Internet blackout affects subscribers of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks broadband services, some of whom don’t even use Time Warner Cable or Bright House Networks for pay-TV service.

TV blackouts are at an all-time high. Subscribers of four different pay-TV providers are being subjected to retransmission consent blackouts. And now CBS is blacking out its content on the Internet for millions of Americans. Is the FCC really willing to stand by as CBS abuses the free spectrum it received and hijacks the Internet?

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