Did They Really Just Say That?

After blocking efforts to “modernize” retrans rules, NAB calls for modernization of ownership rules.

Washington D.C. June 29, 2012 – It’s been a week full of surprises from broadcasters when it comes to what they really believe.

Today, the news that the Supreme Court declined to hear three cases involving challenges to the FCC’s media ownership rules prompted the NAB spokesman to call for “…modernizing ownership rules….”  So if modernization is good enough for ownership rules, why isn’t it good enough for retransmission consent rules that were put in place two decades ago (or should we say when Roseanne and Murphy Brown led the television ratings)?

This new point of view on modern rules comes on the heels of Hearst Television’s CEO acknowledging in a Congressional hearing that broadcaster blackouts hurt consumers. 

We can’t wait to see what next week brings.

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