WASHINGTON D.C.  June 27, 2011 – In reply comments to be filed today in the FCC rulemaking docket, ATVA members will emphasize the broad and diverse support for changes to outdated retrans regulations.  Pay-TV providers, consumer groups, elected officials, sports fans and public interest groups across the political spectrum are all calling for reform, while broadcasters sit alone in the dark supporting the broken status quo.  With six retrans blackouts already this year, the FCC clearly must eliminate market-distorting rules and protect consumers.

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  1. Gary

    In concern of MEDICOMM with the black out of WALA. Why is LIN Media has this ability to black out programs which should be free and raise rates? It is simply greed on their parts.

  2. Thomas Tolin

    Is the local blackout of wala 10 Fox news a legitimate argument. I pay for channels I don’t watch and I am still being charged for a package deal.
    I don’t think this is a fair dispute between the two networks. I don’t want to change to Direct TV , but I can get 150 channels at a 50% discount
    When are we going to be able to pay for only the channels we want?