CBS Declares “War” in Retrans Fight But Viewers Are Real Victims

Broadcasters Continue to Make Threats in Pursuit of Profits

Washington D.C. July 30, 2013 – Last night as the retransmission dispute between CBS and Time Warner Cable reached the brink of blackout, CBS CEO Les Moonves declared, “We are now at war with Time Warner Cable.” Moonves made the comment while at a party at the Beverly Hilton promoting the networks’ fall television season. While broadcasters like Moonves are busy waging war for wild fee demands, viewers are stuck in no man’s land wondering when they’ll be subject to another blackout and for how long.

Not only has Moonves confirmed that he has no problem using blackouts as a weapon without any regard to consumer harm, he also has said that “the sky really should be the limit” when it comes to retransmission consent fees. Now millions of pay-TV consumers are forced to live with the anticipation of a looming blackout or prepare to bear the brunt of higher rates for programming that is offered free over the air.

It’s time for Congress to step in and stop this madness.

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