Making Consumers the Broadcasters’ Ultimate Victims

WASHINGTON, D.C. June 6, 2011 – Blacking out viewers during retrans negotiations provides the “ultimate leverage,” said CBS CEO Les Moonves last week at the Nomura Securities Media Summit. That ultimate leverage of broadcasters makes consumers the ultimate victims, missing their favorite shows and paying higher fees. Moonves also said the “sky’s the limit” in retrans fees and predicted $1 billion in retrans revenue by 2017. This latest example of broadcaster arrogance again makes the case for reforming outdated rules and protecting consumers.

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  1. corrisann

    How do I get to see the shows I really like without this service? Is there any other station that plays NCIS Los Angeles, Person of Interest or Criminal Minds. I’m glad this didn’t happen during the regular season or I would be really upset. I truly hope things will be resolved soon.

  2. Eric

    I think this is ridiculous on the negotiation. I’ve been a customer for some time now and enjoy watching my shows on CBS. Time for people to grow up and stop getting the customers involved in your disagreement.

  3. Leo Martin

    While I respect the need for businesses to generate revenue to pay their bills, I am perplexed by requiring a 300% increase in re-tran fees in 1 year by local stations.
    Surely the fact that you’re getting continued commercial exposure – well, you’re actually no longer getting that exposure – should warrant short term extensions.
    Actually, your advertisers are no longer getting what they pay for in commercial time, as I’ve not seen a CBS commercial since WABI TV was dropped from DirecTV.
    I don’t have access to an antenna to get the signal directly.

    I’m going to miss the fall shows, as at least 40$ of my TV viewing, and 90+% of my DVR usage was on CBS.

    Leo Martin,
    Smithfield, ME

  4. Carole Clement

    I’m NOT happy with CBS – WABI TV. It USED to be my favorite place to keep up with the news. No LONGER! STOP this RIDICULOUS “Power Play” holding FORMER viewers HOSTAGE! We’re breaking OUT! WLBZ is VERY thorough and we enjoy their news coverage. It’s SAD some of our favorite SHOWS are being replaced with others after YEARS of following. I’m certain advertizing will suffer because greed is rearing its ugly head at WABI. We won’t wait much longer. SETTLE! NOW!!!