Broadcaster Retrans Blackouts Continue – Add Atlanta and New Orleans

When Will the FCC or Congress Make It Stop?

Washington D.C.  February 2, 2012 – What a way to start 2012 –broadcasters pulled the plug on viewers in 14 markets in January.  The latest broadcaster outrages against consumers are in Atlanta and New Orleans. Is this how the broadcasters will serve the public interest in 2012, blacking out viewers across the nation?  It’s past time for the FCC or Congress to revamp 20 year old retransmission consent rules and protect consumers.

January Blackouts (some began in 2011)

Current Blackouts:  New Orleans (FOX), Atlanta (Independent), Washington suburbs (ABC), Rapid City (NBC), Cheyenne (FOX, ABC), Casper (FOX, ABC and CBS), Redding, OR  (ABC), Corpus Christi(NBC, Telemundo, CW South)

Other January Blackouts:  Miami, Boston, Harrisburg, Syracuse, Albany, Columbus-Tupelo,

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