Broadcaster Blackout Breaking Holiday Spirit

Four Stations Go Dark Despite Offer to Extend Agreement

Washington D.C.  December 15, 2011 – Earlier this week, Cordillera refused to extend a retransmission fee agreement with Time Warner Cable, blacking out four Corpus Christi TV stations.  TWC offered to extend the contract through March to avoid viewer disruption, but Cordillera said ‘bah humbug’ to that and pulled the plug.  The Cordillera blackout comes on the heels of Hearst’s threat to shutter their signal in eight markets this month.  Violating the Christmas spirit is just the latest example of bad broadcaster behavior.  The only way to protect consumers is for Congress and the FCC to reform outdated retransmission consent rules.

The Corpus Christi stations affected include an NBC, Telemundo and CW affiliate, plus one independent station.

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