Washington, D.C. December 22, 2010 As the Chambers blackout of ABC for DISH Network subscribers reaches Day 7 in Oregon, there is increasing pressure to end these broadcaster bullying tactics. Blackouts have become a national problem and are at their highest level in a decade.  According to Bloomberg, before Chambers put viewers in the dark, there had already been five this year, affecting 19 million viewers.  The increased frequency and the impact on viewers prompted a U.S. Senate hearing last month and a Federal Communications announcement that it will begin formulating new rules to protect consumers.  Additionally, a number of public interest groups signed a joint statement calling for a moratorium on blackouts last week.  Chambers should read the writing on the wall, quit holding viewers hostage and in the holiday spirit, end this blackout.

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  1. Ken Moriarty

    Please take action on the Chambers actions that seem to be a position of take it or leave it in their negotiations with Dish Television. This is the second time in as many years. Press for legislation that would allow for transmission of the blocked station while they try to reach an agreement. Put a short time limit on the black out if necessary.

  2. William Schindler

    it’s about time for some action with this problem. personelaly I have not been affected by this issue but if some people are then it’s a problem for everyone.