ATVA Statement: FCC Retransmission Rulemaking: Score One for the Viewers

For Immediate Release

Contact:  Mike Heimowitz, 202.419.3251 or 202.669.7689

Washington D.C.  March 3, 2011 – The following statement was released by the American Television Alliance:

The FCC’s approval of a new rulemaking on retransmission consent is a big win for all who have demanded reform, including viewers who have been forced to endure more and more broadcaster blackouts and blackout threats.  The Commission is clearly acknowledging that the current system is broken and that early 1990s rules must be updated.  The NPRM is a good start toward the goals of balancing the scales and protecting viewers.  We look forward to working with the FCC to make meaningful changes to these outdated rules.  With yet another broadcaster blackout looming that could affect DISH Network viewers in 17 markets, action cannot come a moment too soon.

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