ATVA Files Comments on “Next Generation” Broadcast Television Standard

Washington, D.C. – The American Television Alliance (ATVA), a voice for the TV viewer, today filed comments on the “Next Generation” Broadcast Television Standard that is before the Federal Communications Commission.  The transition to the new broadcast standard will affect every American TV viewer, including the vast majority of Americans who receive their television signals from cable, satellite and IP television providers.  ATVA asked the Commission to ensure two overriding policy objectives:

  • that the transition is completely voluntary for all participants, and
  • the new standard does not harm others in the television ecosystem by imposing new cost burdens on consumers and other participants.

“The transition to a new broadcast standard will impact each and every American who watches television,” said Trent Duffy, ATVA national spokesman.  “ATVA’s comments reflect our belief that the transition should be completely voluntary and do no harm to others.  We all support the concept of ‘permissionless innovation,’ but broadcasters do not operate in a vacuum, and they do not have the right to impose new costs or burdens on others.  We have full confidence that the Commission will proceed carefully, and fully consider the implications for everyone involved in the television ecosystem.”

ATVA’s full comments to the FCC can be viewed here.


The American Television Alliance (ATVA) brings together an unprecedented coalition of consumer groups, cable, satellite, telephone companies, and independent programmers to raise awareness about the risk TV viewers face as broadcasters increasingly threaten service disruptions that would deny viewers access to the programs they and their families enjoy. 

For more information about ATVA, visit our website. Follow us on Twitter @ATVAlliance.

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